Many of Freshway’s customers are manufacturers and shippers, large and small, who would like their products delivered to areas outside their own local coverage.

Over the years many of our customers have expanded their businesses with new product lines and / or new authorizations and were immediately helped by a pre-existing relationship with Freshway, as well as Freshway’s regular delivery schedule to 1,000+ delivery customers.





FRESHWAY DISTRIBUTORS consolidates refrigerated freight for many customers and ships based on a set schedule. Knowing that we deliver to the same points on the same day, week after week, allows our customers to plan their production schedules and become reliable vendors to THEIR customers.

Based on the information provided to Freshway Customer Service using the pickup request form, and the coordination of our delivery schedule, orders will be routed for pickup and delivery and the appropriate appointments will be made.

Orders backhauled to our warehouse for cross dock are stored appropriately in our temperature controlled warehouse until ready to be loaded on an outbound trailer.

Dispatch is in contact with our drivers and carriers and the status of your transaction, if requested, can be readily determined.

Plans for the future include providing our customers the ability to track a delivery via the Internet.


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