CUSTOMER SERVICE | 516-870-3138 | fax 516-870-3117

  • Confirm a faxed order
  • Discuss pick-up and delivery days
  • Request a pick-up form
  • Update/revise information on a previously submitted order (examples: pallet counts and weight, dates)

DISPATCH | 516-870-3352

  • Reconfirm a pick-up or delivery appointment
  • Track the status of a pick-up or delivery for the current day

WAREHOUSE | 516-870-3308

  • Call for receiving appointment

AUDIT DEPARTMENT | 516-870-3318 | fax 651-234-8268

  • Request a proof of delivery
  • Discuss billing issue

SALES MANAGER | 516-870-3320 | fax 651-234-8216

  • Discuss new business
  • Review any issue
  • Rates



download printable Key Contact Information form in PDF format.

download printable Pick-up Request form in PDF format.

download printable Credit Application form in PDF format.

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